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RACE DAY | APRIL 10, 2022


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April 10, 2022

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5k | 10k | 21k | Marathon

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Pyongyang, DPRK

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Once again, Koryo Tours is excited to offer the chance for amateur runners to take part in the Pyongyang Marathon 2022! This race can be run either as a full marathon or as a half marathon. There is also a 10km race and a 5km race.

Hundreds of local runners take part as well as some elite foreign runners. Anyone taking part in this tour who wants to watch the marathon instead of take part in it is more than welcome to do so. There will be local football matches taking place in Kim Il Sung stadium after the start of the race, you can be there for this too!

Koryo have tours available departing from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Dandong, and starting from as little as 645 EUR per person - there is a tour option available for everyone!

Important Note - all tours to North Korea (DPRK) are suspended as the borders to the country are all closed. We believe that the 2021 Marathon will almost certainly be cancelled so we have removed all tours for this event. Cancellation will likely be confirmed in late February. We are now offering the full range of 2022 Marathon Tours (all will be confirmed when the borders are re-opened).

2022 Pyongyang Marathon Tours

Shanghai Departure

Weekend Tour from Shanghai

Tour Dates: April 7 - 10
From 1,345 EUR per person
Tour cost includes return flights Shanghai - Pyongyang

Long Tour from Shanghai

Tour Dates: April 7 - 14
From 1,695 EUR per person
Tour cost includes return flights Shanghai - Pyongyang

Shenyang Departure

4 Night Tour from Shenyang

Tour Dates: April 9 - 13
From 1,245 EUR per person
Tour cost includes return flights Shenyang - Pyongyang

Beijing Departure

2 Night Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 9 - 11
From 1,195 EUR per person
Tour cost includes return flights Beijing - Pyongyang

3 Night Long Weekend Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 8 - 11
From 895 EUR per person

3 Night Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 9 - 12
From 895 EUR per person

5 Night Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 7 - 12
From 1,295 EUR per person

7 Night Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 9 - 16
From 1,495 EUR per person

10 Night Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 9 - 19
From 1,795 EUR per person

12 Night Ultimate Tour from Beijing

Tour Dates: April 9 - 21
From 1,995 EUR per person

Budget Tours

Budget tours start from Dandong in Northeast China entering by train, or can be upgraded to Beijing departure.

Budget 3 Night Tour

Tour Dates: April 8 - 11
From 645 EUR per person

Budget 4 Night Tour

Tour Dates: April 7 - 11
From 795 EUR per person


The Route

For 2022 the race is a return course with the route being run through the city centre. Runners will go past many of the iconic buildings, monuments, and streets of Pyongyang, before heading out into the countryside, just outside the urban centre, before running back again.

This route — which is both IAAF bronze label and AIMS certified — gives runners the chance to see more of the capital than in previous years, and also allows more interaction with people along the course, as it takes in more parts of the city than ever before.

All four amateur races — the 5km, 10km, half marathon, and full marathon — will start and finish inside Kim Il Sung Stadium (including a final lap of the stadium track). This means that everyone participating will get the chance to finish in front of a 50,000-strong capacity crowd of local Koreans who will be in attendance at the stadium.

After the race has finished, the top three in the 10 km, half and full marathon amateur categories (men’s full; men’s half; men’s 10km; women’s full; women’s half; women’s 10km) take their place on the stadium’s podium for the award ceremony.


2021 Pyongyang Marathon – Tours Now Available

It’s time to lace up your running shoes and start training as the 2021 Pyongyang Marathon is expected to be on Sunday 11th April and tours are now available to book.

You can view them all in detail here.

Koryo Tours is the official event partner of the Pyongyang Marathon, and they are excited to bring you tours for the 2021 Pyongyang Marathon which feature new tour options and some exciting new tour itineraries.

The marathon will again follow the same route through Pyongyang as before which take in many of the key sites of Pyongyang. It will start and finish inside Kim Il Sung Stadium which will be full of 50,000 Koreans cheering you on.

It was a difficult, but necessary, decision to cancel this year’s marathon, however we anticipate that the 2021 Pyongyang Marathon may be the best yet.

Bookings can be made in the interim through Koryo Tours without a deposit so you can secure your place in one of the biggest events of the year in the DPRK.

We look forward to seeing you all in Pyongyang in the new year.

2020 Pyongyang Marathon Cancelled

The National Olympic Committee of DPR Korea, in association with the DPRK Amateur Athletics Association and Koryo Tours, have confirmed today that the 2020 Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon – also known as the Pyongyang Marathon –  is cancelled due to the ongoing closure of the DPRK border, and COVID-19 virus situation in China and the greater region.

The marathon organisers wish to convey their gratitude to all the participants who had signed up for the 2020 Pyongyang Marathon, for their patience and understanding during this difficult time.

The next edition of the Pyongyang Marathon will be in April 2021 with the date to be confirmed shortly. The organisers hope to, and look forward to seeing everyone at the 2021 event in Pyongyang.

Please contact your travel company for further information if you are affected by this cancellation.

2019 Pyongyang Marathon Race Results

The 2019 Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon – the Pyongyang Marathon – was run on Sunday 7 April, 2019.

Over 1,600 participants hit the streets of Pyongyang including around 1,000 amateur runners to participate in what is the main event of the Mangyongdae Prize Sports Competition. A total of 59 countries were represented in the event.

Conditions were perfect for the event with blue skies, cool temperatures and an eager crowd of 50,000 people ready to cheer on runners inside Kim Il Sung Stadium.

The men’s race was won by Ri Kang Bom (DPR Korea) for the second year in a row with a 2:11:18, and the women’s race was won by Ri Kwang Ok (DPR Korea) with a 2:26:57.

You can view the race results in full here.


Running in the Pyongyang Marathon is unlike any other race in the world. The crowd support is incredible, and crossing the finishing line is an extraordinary experience thanks to the 50,000 Koreans cheering you on as you make your way around Kim Il Sung stadium.

However, if you are to get the most out of this event, we recommend you expand the following sections to read further about the event.

2022 Pyongyang Marathon Tours are now available and bookings can be made with no deposit at present!



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